About the Magazine

The aim of the project magazine is to sum up what the project partners feel are best practices when planning and executing industry projects with a focus on serious game development, to describe handy tools for the new learning approach and give examples of how it can be planned and carried out. The magazine will also give good advice to institutions as to what approach to choose in the implementation and how to make best use of external partners in this process. All in all, the magazine will be a manual in the use of the approach refined during the project period.

The work package leader will edit the handbook, but all partners will contribute with materials for the magazine.  The magazine will be published in English. It will be available for free download on the project homepage as well – and thus also serve as a marketing tool for the project courses after the end of the project period.

Furthermore, we know from experience with the VITAE and GAMEiT projects that many of the university staff is also research fellows at their respective institutions, and they include the project in their research work. Their contribution to the magazine is often in the form of an article which they also publish as part of their research, and included in the dissemination plan (and travel costs) for the project are also lectures given by project partners on the GameWise results.

The magazine will cover the following:

  1. Pedagogical background for setting up industry projects at the TVET level
  2. The GameWise train the trainers course – structure and approach
  3. How to transform existing courses about serious games into learning based on cooperation with external partners in industry projects.
  4. Disseminating of good practice within the institution
  5. Case studies
  6. Sample lesson plans

Since the Norwegian partner, Flexible education Norway, play a major role in the project dissemination activities and has previous experience from a similar assignment in the GAMEiT project, they will be in charge of editing the magazine.

Best practice magazine.

Leonardo Transfer of Innovation 2012-2014